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Many people of my family and friends wonder how I could lost 3 sizes within a few months. Some even thought I was anorexic – No, I’m not, I could never be, because I love food and love to eat so much. You feel the same? Many friends asked me, and I told them my “secrets”. Well, I’ve just read a lot about weightloss and dieting and tried Low Carb or Ketogenic diet (endured 2 days) , tried different diet recipes for some magazines (spent a lot of money for special foods) and tried out healthy and unhealthy ways …: D Now I’ll tell you my best tips and knowledge here, which have helped me or my friends to lose weight.

First of all, you should read this Weight Loss Introduction


My Fav. Weight Loss Tips

Slimming tips that really help to lose weight without much effort! You want to know my best weightloss tips? Read this article.

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Weight Loss Checklist

How to start slimming successful! Before you start an weight Loss diet, you should make a cheklist. It makes many thing easier.

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Basic Steps For Weight Loss

You’ve tried so many way to lose weight, but noting really helped? Well, first you should know these basics about weight loss.

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Acai Berry Weight Loss

How a simple berry helps you to get your dream weight!

The world seems to be going crazy about berries lately – time to get a closer loss at what the hype is all about. Many are looking for a way, without large expenditure loosing a few pounds! And then you will find an article or TV Spot about the Acai berry. This Super-Fruit is very healthy, support the structure of muscle, the fat burn and help the natural aging process to stop. It energizes metabolism, your body will be detoxicates, promotes the energy which fights tiredness.
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